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Thank you to everyone who has made “Daehan Korean” to get “Asia’s Top 80 Achievers Award” following the TOP 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2015. We strive to provide the best quality of Korean language service.

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It all began in 2006 when along with our Education Director, Ms. Grace Shin, our Principal and Head Teacher, Mr. Harry Quek decided to put his all into establishing the first-ever Korean Language Centre in Singapore owned and run by native Koreans. Over the past 15 years, we have grown tremendously and are extremely proud of our achievements. With over 2000 students and a faculty size of more than 25 dedicated teachers and staff members, we are currently one of the largest and most established Korean Language schools in Singapore. We pride ourselves on our effective and dynamic curriculum, successful educational achievements, and highly-qualified and experienced teachers.


We believe in education beyond books and our vision is to promote not just the beautiful Korean language, but it’s rich cultural heritage as well. Here at Daehan, we believe in the importance of equipping our students with the skills to utilise the language in all sorts of social and business settings. All in all, our ultimate aim is to make an impact on our students’ futures by opening up a world of opportunities for them.

We’re highly passionate about ensuring each student’s success throughout their Korean learning journey and we will do whatever it takes to provide a supportive and nurturing environment to bring out our students’ utmost potential.

The school started out with about 100 students in 2006 and has since grown tremendously over the years. We are currently the largest Korean Language school in Singapore, with about 15 classrooms, 800-900 students, and a faculty size of more than 25 teachers and staff members.  


We are recognized for our successful educational achievements, fully qualified teachers and strong curriculum. We take pride in constantly improving our syllabus to offer challenging, interactive and interesting Korean learning programs for our students.

Learning Korean is about exposure and fun, that’s why Daehan Korean is much more than just a language institute! We strive to bring Korea to our school by organising various events throughout the year. This includes the Korean Night Festival which is wholly organised by our student volunteers and showcases a myriad of Korean songs, dances, games, food and more. We also encourage our students to learn Korean actively through Korean music and dramas. In addition, we partner with leading Korean organisations in Singapore to provide our students with exciting travel and work opportunities.

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